Types of Facebook ads

Types of Facebook ads, dimension & placement. Complete Guide

Types of Facebook Ads

Are you an internet marketer who advertise your products in the Facebook frequently ? Do you know how many of types of Facebook ads  that recently updated by Facebook ? Facebook are providing Advert Manager and Power  Editor Tools for you to create your advertisement. For the beginner, I will advice that  to start with Advert Manager, it simplify the complicated procedure although there are many types of Facebook ads you have to decide.  Therefore, the flexibility of Advert Manager is very limited.

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WordPress Problem solved : [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Thing keeps improving everyday, the purpose is to “upgrading the service to serve you better”. Improvement and enhancement in technology field are classified as “too fast” or “too frequent”.

I was struggling of PHP version upgrading process by an error cause from one of wordpress site. While surfing the site, page showing

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How to categories and naming your Google plus circles

I am just started my google+ social network life for a week. Perhaps, you don’t have yet the Google+ account or do not know what is that ? Everybody knows what is Facebook.com, before facebook come in to the world, we have myspace, friendster, plurk and etc. Google+ is another social network product developed by Google. Take a look an article from mashable titled “Google Launches Google+ To Battle Facebook“. Continue reading


MIUI – The best android 2.3 gingerbread custom rom I ever used

How many custom rom have you tried before ? or let me change my question, Have your android phone rooted ?

What kind of custom rom you are using currently ? Cyangenmod 7 with Android 2.3 stock interface UI ? or some other custom roms getting from xda-developer.com ?

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Everything about Samsung Galaxy S 2 – i9100

After taking over from HTC (Google Nexus One) to become Google’s phone hardware partner (Google Nexus S), Samsung putting a huge efforts inventing greater and better hardware to fully utilize the power of Android mobile phone operating system. Recently, Samsung is unveil Samsung Galaxy S 2, i9100. It is a 2nd generation of Samsung Galaxy S, i9000. Samsung Galaxy S 2, i9100 is another great android phone comes with super hardware specification and crystal clear screen display. Information below is everything about Samsung Galaxy S 2, i9100. Continue reading